Thursday, September 08, 2005

The "Baby"

This is the baby of the family-Youngest Son (YS) - if you can call a 6'3" guy a baby! Doesn't he look handsome in his racing fire suit?

He was the onry one. The very active child who never slept, was walking and getting into everything at an early age, and who only had to grunt to get his siblings to do whatever he wanted. Who needs to talk? They knew what he was saying!

He hated school, and it showed... barely getting through. Hubby and I believe higher education isn't for everyone and for some people it just isn't in the cards. This guy can do anything with a welder, and can build race engines from scratch. He can fix anything mechanical and is so quick to pick up that kind of information that if he doesn't know it, he only has to be shown once. What a bright kid he is!

We were blessed, truly, when he decided to farm with Hubby. That's going to make Hubby live a lot longer! It's nice just to have him around, too. For all the yelling that has gone on between the two of them, and all that will go on, this guy is as much Hubby's clone as YD is mine. Probably more so...

Oh, and the beautiful girl on his arm...? That was Patch's sleeping partner. She's YS's girlfriend, but for all intents and purposes may as well be called his fiance'. They talk about marriage all the time and are pretty much just waiting for her to finish nursing school (this winter! Yea!) and some things to level out in their lives a bit. She's been around long enough we're calling her daughter-in-law-to-be (DIL2B). Her folks have become friends, too, and are a hoot. They helped keep last weekend ...uh...lubricated? Happy. Let's go with Happy. She's a keeper.

They are already proud mama and papa to Cody, (a male schnoodle pound-puppy who used to live with us, but was really YS's, so stayed with them at the old house), Bandit Elizabeth (a female Huskie puppy), Puss-Puss (a stray calico cat they took in - female), Oscar (a pound-kitten, male, yellow tiger-striped tabby they recently adopted) and Andy (a chinchilla). With all those dependents, they practically HAVE to get married!