Thursday, September 08, 2005

The Grad

This is my Eldest Son (ES). Not the best of pictures, it too, was taken at the wedding. He's a little camera shy, too, and it's hard to find a good pic of him.

He is the one who just graduated with a degree in M.I.S. - and we are so proud of his achievement.

This guy was my 'easy' baby. Two years after ED was born and we'd spent so much time trying to get her to thrive... this guy was born and he was a breeze! He ate! He slept! He laughed! He played! He was such an easy baby after her. Sometimes I think I didn't give him as much time as I should have because of it. He was so undemanding that I sometimes wonder if he didn't get as much time as he should have had.

Is that a mom thing? Always questioning the things you shoulda-coulda-woulda? Probably... As I tell my kids all the time, "I know we screwed up. I'm sorry. There is no manual when raising kids. Every kid is different, every parent is different, and no matter how much growing up we say we will never be like our parents, it's bound to have an effect somewhere down the line." I just tried to do a little better than they did. I hope I did.

This kid (I can't really call him that, he's a man) is so smart and good looking and has such a sense of style and humor about him. He's always been very popular and is a loyal friend - staying close friends with his elemetary school friends! He's still a loner, after a long relationship that didn't work out with a high-school sweetheart, but recently he's found someone who he's at least beginning a relationship with. Whether it goes the long-haul or not, who knows? Not my business. I just want him to be happy whatever he does.