Friday, September 16, 2005

Friday Night in the Countryside

Yes, folks... we've reached an all-time high here tonight. I'm gonna let you in on a little secret: What I did while my Hubby was gone.

1.)Let my puppies out in the yard and played with them for a couple of hours. Frieda has this ball obsession I've discussed before and she will chase the ball and bring it back all day long if you let her. Frank's the lazy one. He'll sit at my feet and go this his whole 'trick' routine when Frieda comes back with the ball so he can get a treat too. He can't figure out if he wants to sit, lay, or shake hands, and even if I haven't asked him to do any of them, he rotates through them until he catches my attention. Good for an hour or two.

2.) Made myself buttered toast and cocoa for supper. This is comfort food. Much better in the dead of winter, but it always reminds me of my grandmother who would make it for me for breakfast - cocoa, real cocoa on the stove - back before there were those funny boxes called microwaves. Always reminds me of grandma.

3.) Read some blogs and wrote down (yes, on paper with a p-e-n, smartass - I heard that.) names, url's, and people names so I can try to learn more about you-all. Not in a stalker way (don't panic!) - just in a "how can I keep these people straight" kind of way. Did I tell you I'm a notorious list-maker? The brain just can't hold it all. I just have to tell it where to find the list.

4.) Made another list of some ideas for blogging. Does anyone else do this, or do you just let it come to you? I pretty much have just let 'em come, but thought maybe that was just too crazy. I really never know what's gonna pop out of my brain, so it might be a good idea to have some unofficial suggestions to work off of.

5.) Watched the new show "Threshold". Not bad! We'll see how it develops. I'm a taper (no, not some strange animal...). What I mean is, for the most part I videotape the shows I like and want to watch, then when I get around to watching them (most always in marathon form on a "jammie day") I can whiz through several hours of shows in a short amount of time - skipping through the commercials as well as any programs that have been cancelled that I decide I don't want to invest a lot of time and emotion into because of that cancellation. The bad side to this is I've not had a true "jammie day" in awhile and I'm backed up to about May on my tapes. Now we're gearing up for brand new shows and new seasons and all... I gotta get better organized. Seems there is a lot of paranormal/alien/weird stuff coming this Fall....and I LIKE it!!! (I did remember to mention I'm strange, right?). I won't hold my breath, however. The ones I like are sure to be cancelled after about the first four episodes.

Well, seeing as Hubby will be home in a couple of hours and will be up at the butt-crack of dawn to go to the fields, I'd better wrap this up if I want to read a bit before sleeping. (My usual routine). Catch you tomorrow~