Monday, September 26, 2005

Your Other Twin

Hubby and I went to dinner last night at a popular local restaurant. We got into a discussion about the waitress… both of us thought she looked like some actress and couldn't figure out who... he kept saying "the one who got arrested"... and I'm thinking, yeah, I know who that is, but I can't think of her name, but I don't really think she looks like that. By the end of dinner we figured it out. He came up with “Ryder” and I came up with “Wynona”. However, I still didn’t think that was who she looked like.

Okay, now, the funny thing is, he was talking about the waitress in the red shirt - who I barely looked at, and I was talking about the one in the blue. I was concentrating on her - she looked more like Lauren Graham from “Gilmore Girls”. The one in red walks up.

Hubby: See? Doesn’t she?
Me: Um…oh, yes, yes she does! I was looking at the other waitress!

Waitress looks at us quizzically.

Hubby: Have you ever been told you look like Wynona Ryder?
Waitress: Yes, I get that all the time...especially from my family
Hubby: Just so you know, I meant it in a good way...

How else was she supposed to take it? That we thought she was a shoplifter? Gotta love him.