Saturday, October 08, 2005

Spoiled? Moi?

Yes. I admit it. I am. I'm so hooked on reading those blogs over there ---> that I've put some of my other reading off. That's fine, except I use my laptop to read those blogs -----> and the past couple of days I haven't had my laptop. If you recall a couple of posts ago, I told you the tale of DIL2B and her computer woes. So, being the good mother-in-law-2-b, I had loaned her my laptop.

No biggie, right?

Alas! I forgot about all those blogs over there ----> and how was I going to get my daily fix? (Silly woman, I hear you have a desktop computer, too, don't you? I'm just sure we heard you mention it before...) Yes, in all practicality I do have a desktop computer. There's just one thing wrong with reading those blogs -----> on it. Hubby.

My husband is a computer junkie. If you ask him, he'll deny it. You be the judge. He walks in the house (no matter what time it is) and goes straight for the office. He gets on the internet for at least 30 minutes. He'll go take a shower, get something to eat, watch a little TV while he eats (we are extremely informal here). Then, without ever turning off the TV, he slinks away to the office again. I usually don't know exactly when he goes, because I'm in all likelihood holed up in the bedroom or the downstairs watching something else on TV and eating my supper. We rarely watch TV together - he likes all those car races, football games, and watching the same movies over and over and over (I don't even want to guess how many times he's seen "Top Gun" or "Hunt for Red October"). Plus, he has that ever-dreaded-mind-numbing-male-disease channel surfing. Uh huh. You may have it in your household... it may even be you... you know who you are.

So, back to the addiction. He slips off to the office, but leaves the TV on so I really don't know when he goes or when he comes back, but should I happen to wander through the room, everything is on and no one is there.

Sometime before he comes to bed, he must get online once more.

If he happens to be home on a weekend, he can slip back and forth several times between channel clicks.

Is he carrying on a secret life? Is he perusing porn? Is he an addict? No.No.Yes. The man has to check the grain markets. He has to go on bulletin boards like Ag Online and find out what other farmers are thinking. What the so-called professionals are saying. What the weather is going to do or is doing. Yes, it is business related... to a point. After that, it becomes an addiction. Oh, and he also has some site he has to follow up sons' racing to see what other people are saying about him and his car and whatever happened last weekend.

So, you wonder why I need my laptop? So we can both be online at the same time and I can read those blogs ----> without being kicked out of my chair because Hubby has to get online.

The good news? I fixed her computer last night and got my laptop back. I'll be coming by to check on you soon. You know, you -----> over there.