Monday, October 03, 2005

Proper Etiquette?

Can anyone tell me the proper way to drool on our blog idols without messing them up and making them hate you? I have some people who I really like and are the nicest and coolest (and I want to play with the cool kids, you know). But I don't want them to hate me. Some of them are waaaay too out of my league and I would never expect them to even show up over here, let alone acknowlege my little site on thier mega site.

Yet, there are those ones who I think are fabulous writers and who make me think or laugh and I hope they haven't gotten so huge as to be unreachable as a friend...and I would love for them to link me... just so I could go there and dream that maybe once in a great while, they might accidently click that link thinking "Now, what is this Torn Pages thing again?" and they would trip over here and possibly see something that they like. (Breathe...breathe...breathe...)

Is that just tooo stalk-ish? Is stalk-ish a word? Any advice?