Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Foot in Mouth (Again)

Oh, dear. I've done it again. Foot in mouth disease. (Yes, kiddies, it IS hereditary...) I SO appreciate everyone's support in my last...uh...awkward... post. I wasn't trying to overthink it, Manda, nor was I really begging for all you lovely people to support me, but, ::choking up:: you DO like me! You really LIKE me! (Happy, Em?)

(Director - this isn't the REAL academy awards. You will not be recieving bribe money. Oh, wait, maybe there is some out there...among the SNIPE... mwhaaa haa haa)

I truly wasn't insinuating that you all were NOT the cool kids. Oh, NO... I happen to think you are all incredibly cool! I'm so awed and shocked (shocked and awed?) that you come to my little corner of the world and visit, I can barely repress my glee!! (Note to self - Don't use the word 'glee' unless you want everyone to think you're 87 years old.)

So whose attention was I trying to gain? I'm not even trying to get Heather's attention, as we all know she's fabulous and very famous! Fresh? Aw...okay, maybe just a little...but I realize he and I are not on the same wavelength. Me being of the long post he hates and he of the short but purposeful and incredibly funny. (A lot of what is so funny on his is the responses he gets from his faithful band of commentators!) I'm not going to tell, because that would just get me so embarrassed I wouldn't be able to show my face around here again... Well, maybe I'll just whisper it to one person who will (should) know who I mean... Siz, I'm talkin' about that co-worker of yours! There. I've said it. I've shot it out into space and we'll see if the arrow hits it's mark.

Big hugs out to all of you who come by to visit. It is, after all, just a blog...and you guys do make me feel like one of the cool kids!