Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Just Another (Snowy) Day

Ahhh... I slept like a dead person last night. After a short nap yesterday afternoon, we went to our youngest son's girlfriends' nursing graduation ceremony. It was very nice. There were about thirty people in her class and they all had their families there. Was a very pleasant time. We were there with her folks, her brother, and her grandmother. We've known her family (except Grammy) for awhile now and we all get along great... as a matter of fact, her dad and my husband have been teased about how much they look and act alike!

After the ceremony, we went to dinner and had a laughter-filled evening. Her brother is a John Malkovich look-alike and has the dry dead-pan humor to go with. He kept everyone highly entertained! We always enjoy spending time with her family - and ours.

(BTW: We found out Em is going to be home for three days over Christmas! WHOOT! ... and she's bringing SC this time! I can't wait... all my kids will be home for Christmas morning and dinner... all my favorite people at my favorite time of year!)

During dinner it started snowing. Big flakes... I'm talking quarter-to-half-dollar sized. Probably the biggest flakes I've ever seen. Beautiful. Until you have to drive it in. We were about 40 miles from home, and it made for a long drive, even on the interstate. We were supposed to get 4-6", but most of it went north so we're sitting in only about 2" new snow. It's still snowing and spitting rain this morning, but not really piling up, just making the roads messy. The pups didn't even stay out long this morning...!

After getting home from the ceremony, youngest son and girlfriend left during the wee hours of the morning for Colorado to go snowmobiling. Wish the road would have been better, but if he can handle a race car he can surely handle a little snow... As a worried parent I'll be sticking to the phone until I know they made it safely... and then keep fussing until they're home again safe next week. I know you understand if you're a parent... no matter how old they are, they're always our 'babies'.

Looking forward to getting off early today. I've got a doctor appointment to address a whole bunch of issues... won't get into it now.... maybe by then the weather will straighten out a bit.

Now, if only my shopping were done...hey, a gal can dream, can't she???