Monday, January 02, 2006

Happy Birthday, Sweetie!

Today is my grandsons' birthday. He's eight. Remember being eight? I do, but it sure wasn't like this! Kids today grow up soooo fast. He's such a smart little guy. (We may be a tad bit biased...?)He's got the biggest smile... check it out at his momma's website. He has a great sense of humor, and is so polite. We tease his "mother" (which is what he calls her) that he's a robot! He's a kid, don't get me wrong... but he's rarely in trouble and all it takes is one look (most husbands know 'the look') and he straightens right up.

Raising him alone after a divorce, he and his mom forged a very strong bond. After my daughter re-married a wonderful man, the three of them have created a terrific family unit full of love, respect and laughter. Not always an easy union, they share their sons' time with the ex-husband, because as most of you who are divorced and have children know... that's the right thing to do. They keep it civil for grandsons' sake, and I'm so very proud of all three of them for making it work. I'm thrilled that my daughter took a page out of my book and has been the "bigger" person to keep it all going along well.

This little guy means the world to us, his family... all his aunts and uncles love him to pieces, and all of the various grandparents, step-grandparents, and extended family think he's the best. Some day he may have to share the limelite with something other than a "critter", but for now he's the one and only... and will always be one of a kind. We love ya, sweetie... Happy Birthday.