Wednesday, July 19, 2006


Jon raced last night. Came in second in his heat race. Qualified for the main feature. Went a few laps in the main feature and the motor blew up.

Can you say, "FUCK!".

Yeah. That pretty well sums it up.

At least the car owner is now good and pissed. He's spent the big bucks at this company getting motors for his other classes of cars and he is finally seeing what we've been talking about. Why does every other car go round and round, but not Jon? Hell, he's fast and he's good - and if they could get a motor to stay together long enough then he could tweak the rest of the options available to make it even faster! His talent is being wasted on blown motors!

Owner swears he'll be racing the next special race. Tomorrow night. Let's see if they can make a motor that will stay together.