Tuesday, July 18, 2006

The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly

The Good.

  • I'm feeling better. Thanks. Occasional coughing fit, but the operative word is occasional.
  • We've gotten some rain.
  • Jon (youngest son) was on the local radio racing program last night. He sounded smart and funny and ... well, like Jon! I'm so proud of my kids... all of 'em. They do these things and I can't believe they're mine. They are all so self-possessed and strong in their own ways. Nothing like me! (Excuse me while I wipe a tear. Okay, sickening, I know...)
  • Hubs was talked about extensively on radio program. Not only given credit to by Jon, but by the program interviewer who has known Hubs for years. (One of those things that happens when you grow up in the same house your whole life.) All of it was good. Wish I'd had a tape of it. Damn.
  • Light at the end of the tunnel where bookwork is concerned. One account up-to-date and actually reconciled! Whoot!
  • Jon has special races for the next few weeks. Not only will he be racing his usual programs on Friday and Saturday nights, but now there are extra ones interspersed on weeknights. Possibility of large quanities of money to be won. More opportunities to get the 'bugs' worked out of the modified car.

The Bad.

  • When you get "older" and you've had four children and you have extensive coughing spells... well... let's just say kegels only go so far.
  • Not enough rain yet. More, please. (Still listening? Oh, and just for the record, you could turn the heat down a tad... thanks.)
  • Gas prices are still going up - and what the hell is with enthanol blends now being MORE expensive than regular? That's just nuts. I guarentee you the farmer is not getting the increase.
  • Corn prices are going down. WTF? (FYI - I'm going to have to rant about this again soon.)
  • Still have two more accounts to get up-to-date where bookwork is concerned.
  • After bookwork is caught up I need to clean my office, do a bunch of filing, shredding, throwing, organizing, and general cleaning. Ugh. I'm tired already.
  • I am determined to get my "crap" room organized this year. That would be 2006, smartasses. I also need to start working on my Christmas cards if I want to go back to my 'normal' homemade ones. What's the sense of having all this stuff if I don't use it? I remember when I did I enjoyed it immensely. Gotta get off the butt and just DO it.

The Ugly.

  • Those special races? Extra races? I've only got one word to say about that. Mother-in-law. Poor Hubs. He's going to be insane before it's over.