Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Dad Update

Thanks everyone for your kind thoughts and prayers. It appears after my parents had their physicals yesterday that things are going to stay about the same. They are now claiming Dad's neck pains are arthritis, and are saying his wrist was just badly bruised. They want him to use the cane and stop drinking. Neither of those things are going to happen, I know. They also took him off the antidepressant. I'm not sure that's a great thing, as they seemed to help his mood a lot. He claimed they made him overly tired. We'll see... I'm sure if he just stopped the drinking it would help his mood a lot. He's not a "happy" drunk, if you get my drift.

My mother checked out just fine. As she says, "one of us has to stay healthy to take care of the other one."

That's all I know for now. Again, thanks for listening.