Monday, July 24, 2006

Monday, Monday

Except for making me suddenly have the Mamas and the Papas stuck in my head, I'm not sure what purpose that title serves. Except. It is Monday. Go figure. These are the other things currently bouncing around in my head - besides 70's folk tunes.

Jon raced Saturday night and didn't blow up! Whoot! That' s only part of the good news... he also came in second place! 'Bout time!

MIL actually had something better to do and didn't go to the races on Saturday. Needless to say Hubs was like a little kid released from detention an hour early. Only wish we could convince MIL she's a jinx or somethin' so she'd let him go alone more often...

Along those lines, the three day special race we went to last year that I talked about extensively ... uh... last year... Well, we're thinking about going again next month. Taking the RV. Camping. I wonder if we can slip MIL a sleeping potion so she just misses the whole thing? Probably not. Damn.

Another restaurant has taken my favorite thing away from me. Much like our favorite Mexican restaurant totally changed their and made it impossible for me to eat there again, now my favorite food of all time at Cheddars has been made inedible. Why? Why did they do this to me? Why the FUCK can't they leave things alone? Sorry. It had to come out. Yesterday I went to lunch and ordered my favorite spasana with alfredo sauce. I hadn't had it for awhile and was craving all it's creamy goodness. Yes, it is something I'm not supposed to have. Maybe that's why it is now so spicy I can't eat it? Who makes alfredo sauce spicy, for god's sake? I thought that was the idea of alfredo sauce... creamy...mild... Sooo... daughter (who agreed it had a tang to it) ate mine and I ate her sandwich and when the crabby bitch waitress came back I asked her if they'd changed the recipe. "No, and let me get the manager for you", she replied. I didn't want the manager, damnit. Oh, well, here he comes. "You know, some people think it's spicy and some people don't. Sometimes I've eaten it and it seems spicy and sometimes it isn't. Even when it's been made by the same cook! But, no, we've not changed the recipe." Huh. We'll that's just weird then, because I've eaten here dozens of times and I've NEVER seen this red spice in my sauce... I don't know if it's chili powder or cayenne (what I suspect) or what, but it's never. been. there. before. I would know. If this is the way you think this is supposed to be, Mr. Manager, then I won't be eating it again...

Wishing I didn't have to rant and rave to get 11 comments... (Agriculture post). Does this mean you don't think I warrent a comment more often and you are lurkers, or are you just people who comment on substance and basically I have no substance? Maybe if I talked about sex with donkeys or cannablism or something then I would get more traffic... ?

Saturday turned out to be a fun day spent with Amanda. I spent the morning being responsible and doing housework, etc., then ran off to play World of Warcraft with her. I've missed it. I've missed the people I play with. I've got to get this other crap done so I can go back to playing! Why didn't they have this when I was a kid?

Okay, all for the moment. I'm sure more will come as the day progresses...