Thursday, July 20, 2006

Sometimes I Just Rattle

A few thoughts rattling through the empty spot in my brain at the moment:

  • When I post something at the top, and mention it is pinned to the top, and even attach another message saying there are new posts below said pinned post, are people actually reading the new posts? I'm just curious because I've gotten NO comments on the past few posts that are new... under the "lecture" post... Yes, I'm a blogwhore. I want feedback, damnit!!
  • Eldest son's girlfriend had emergency gall bladder surgery yesterday afternoon. We wish her all the best for a speedy recovery. I can't believe they do that kind of thing on an outpatient basis! She went home last night! Incredible.
  • Youngest son, Jon, is racing again tonight. Yes, with a motor. (smartass) He did most of the work on it yesterday while the mechanic who was too busy to work on it sat and talked to him the whole time. WTF? Keep your fingers crossed.
  • If you go to sleep at 7:30 in your recliner, then fall back asleep in bed after your wife wakes you up and tells you to go to bed, it makes perfect sense that you will be wide awake at 3 a.m. Making the next logical step... that wife will also be wide awake at 3 a.m. Thanks, honey.
  • Is it just me, or does it seem like there has been a lot of sick-crap going around lately? 3T , Livey and Michael, just to name few are really under the weather. Go give 'em a hug. (Virtual, darlings... we don't want you to get what they have.) Just getting over some of this myself, I can empathize. Big.Time.
  • Darrell made it home safely! This is good news. Now he can figure out what he's doing with the rest of his life summer. Nice to meet you, D... don't be a stranger.
  • Mikey has a 'puter again! Whoot! Go see the great interview he got with Ryan White's mom. Glad to see ya back, Mikey!!
  • A couple of my favorite people are going through some stressful times... Jules has been having a bit of a family crisis. Kids are wonderful, but they can tear your heart out... Santa Cruz' own Sizzle is still job-hunting and settling into Seattle. I'm not sure Seattle has figured out what's blown into town yet... they will! Only good thoughts for you both.
  • As hot as we think it is here, Helen and Jade are really turning into crispy critters... hope it cools off soon for you, girlfriends... no fun at all. (Especially Helen! What's with no air conditioning on that berg? I mean, good grief!!)

Tomorrow is Friday. It's about time.