Tuesday, September 12, 2006

He's a Baaaad Influence

Once again, Andy has become a bad influence. Here I was, all ready to post a lovely tale from my childhood when I made the mistake (bad, bad mistake) of going to read some blogs first. Here are some anagrams (a very, very tiny sampling) made from MY blog name. Of course these could use some punctuation, use your imagination, people!! Feel free to vote for your favorite.
  1. a gophers tent
  2. rent pet hogs
  3. strange pet ho
  4. rage then stop
  5. great pet nosh
  6. parents get ho
  7. spatter en hog
  8. hag en protest
  9. hags rent poet
  10. grasp thee not
  11. trash get open

I know what MY personal favorite is. I'll tell ya tomorrow.

Update: My fav is number 10. grasp thee not. There are just those days when I feel I have no clue whatsoever.