Tuesday, February 06, 2007

You've GOT to be Kidding Me

You know how I just got a new computer at home? Well, ignore that for a minute. It's fine and I love it. Remember how I just got a new computer at work? Yeah. Let's talk about it. When the Company I Work For got me the new 'puter, they didn't get me a new monitor. Why? Because I'm half blind and they'd already put out the bucks for a nice, flat panel, 20" monitor and they didn't feel the need to do it again. Not a problem. I thought. Until yesterday.

Go ahead, ask. "What happened yesterday?". Yeah, innocent questioner you. HA. I repeat. HA.

Yesterday morning as I was minding my own business and working away like the busy worker clone that I am, I hear a slight "pop" and then... wait for it... my monitor screen goes blue. Blue? Yes. Not the BLUE SCREEN of DEATH. Nope. This was more like the orange tint your old Polaroid pictures get after 20 years in a cardboard box in the depths of hell known as the attic. Except, instead of having a lovely orange cast, everything was blue. Blue was the new white.

Remembering when I got this monitor new, I realized what must have happened. I remember playing with the settings. (Don't give me that look... you all do it too.) I remember it having a particular feature that you could set the 'lighting' for daytime or night - and then for text, movies or pictures. I distinctly remember the night-time settings as being... blue tinted. Uh-huh. My monitor has gone to the darkside. I tried playing with settings, but to no avail. Nothing would give me back my white whites.

I hooked up a co-worker's monitor, just to be sure it wasn't some setting I'd accidently changed. Nope. With his screen attached I once more had white whites, red reds and green greens. It was all the way it was supposed to be.

I'm home for a day or two. I have a new monitor on it's way. Another 20" flat panel.

Now, if I could just get the damn external hard drive they got me for backups to be recognized by the computer, I'd be set. Technology. I love it. When I don't hate it.