Saturday, August 20, 2005

Empty Nest - Again

The nest is empty - again. Our eldest son graduated from college and moved to a nearby town week before last, and our youngest daughter who was here visiting this week on vacation is safely back at home. Tonight is race night, so Hubby is with MIL (all-together now, everyone say, "poor guy") and Youngest son and probably DIL2b (I'll just refer to her from now on as DIL2b, 'cause if it doesn't happen it will be a miracle) at the track going for his 5th or 6th win in a row. (I say 6, Hubby thinks 5)

Friday daughter and I went to get haircuts. She got about 12" taken off and looks very cute and mature now. She worried all day about what SIL would say, but when she got home it met with his approval. The mantra for the day, was "It'll grow back". It's just at her shoulder and is rather choppy-cut and is something different for her. She's not had hair that short for years. Me, I just got trimmed. Now that mine is pretty short it has to be trimmed more often. Hubby still says he likes it... but that got me thinking.

He always has claimed in the past that each time he tells me my hair looks nice... I change it. Usually a new cut. So... I'm trying to decide if this is reverse-psychology. Is he voluntarily telling me my hair looks nice and he likes it because he really does like it? Or is he saying it in the hopes that I'll run right out and change it? Hmmm... I asked him that, and he claims it's because he really likes it. Hope so, 'cause it's lots easier to take care of and is way different than I've had it forever and I'm going to keep it this way until I get tired of it. Guess if he starts hating it he'll step on that land mine when he gets to it.

After haircuts, we went to a neighboring town for some parts for her vehicle. YS was doing some minor repair work on it for her (what a guy!), so we picked up the parts. Then off to the local restaurant. This is one of those itty-bitty places that's been in the family for several generations and has the best homecooked food. All you have to do is look at the cooks/waitresses (they take turns cooking and serving) and you can tell this isn't diet food. This is mmmmm mmmmm good food. Not someplace you'd want to eat daily, but is the local farmer coffee shop in the morning, and normally the local hot spot at lunchtime, too. Occasionally we get supper there - next to eating at home, it's the best... and far enough away from the bigger town that the crowds aren't horrid. Hubby claims nobody in this town owns a stove.

After being stuffed with hot beef sandwiches (with potatoes and gravy, you know) and large pieces of homemade pie with ice cream, it was time to go home and have a power nap!

Daughter and grandcritter loaded up late afternoon and headed home, where we heard later she arrived safely. Eldest son is still phoning and e-mailing me for recipes. One of his old roomates took his recipe book I'd made for him with all the family recipes. Suppose I should have gotten another one made before he moved out, but forgot that it should have been on my list. After awhile he'll have them all at this rate, anyway!

It's sure quiet around here... Oh, wait... I hear puppies barking...