Saturday, October 08, 2005

This and That

YS came in third in the last race of 2005. I think everyone is ready for it to end. Hubby was stressing today because he's had combine trouble for a couple of days and it's taken him four days to combine one field. He's not very happy and has been a "grump-ass" (YS's term). I, unfortunatly, am caught in-between. I can see both sides to the situation and I'm glad racing is over now, too, 'cause really harvest is a priority.

While the racers were gone, I went to see "Serenity"! I liked it, very much. I won't get into it here yet until you've all seen it, but there were some surprises. I'll leave it at that.

SIL and a friend called this morning and asked if they could spend the night at our house. No problem at all, except now it's late and I'm hoping they did some other things before coming to our house. I figure he called his wife when they got to town, so I won't worry about them. She had to stay home and work. Bummer.

That's about it for the night... awfully boring, wasn't it?

Oh, and btw, balcap at Front Porch (see link below or on the list) is actually my oldest son! Just in case you want to stop by and tell him "mom says hi"...