Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Oh MY!

Wow. Where to start? Do I begin by taking Em out behind the woodshed for hacking? Hmmm...

It wasn't like I was keeping it a secret, people... I was just BUSY! I must say I am completely overwhelmed by the wonderful comments you all left. I've said it before, and will say it again... I can't believe how lovely you all are - and I've never even met you! This internet thing is pretty neat. For those inquiring minds, I'm 49. I've never been one of those women to lie about her age... I figure I earned every year and Hubby, being almost seven years older will always be older than I am, so it's not a big deal to tell my age. (DH) - (Oh, and I'll get to the tag thing as soon as I get a second).

It was a wonderful weekend, actually... My husband got me XM satellite radio for my birthday/Christmas (yes, he is allowed to combine presents). He took me to the store so I could pick out just what I wanted, and then we made an appointment to have it installed in my vehicle. I got the kind that can come out and be put into a boombox in the house or on the deck or whatever. They could get us in at 8 o'clock on Sunday, so that was fast!

Saturday night we had a party to go to at some friends. These people don't stress me as much as some other groups, and we left early seeing as I had to get up early. It was nice.

Sunday morning, bright and early, I took the Tahoe to get the radio installed. Hubby picked me up and took me to breakfast while it was being done and we killed a little time shopping. Back to pick it up, I had to wait a little bit, but I had a book so no biggie.

Sidenote: I get a phone call from Hubby while I'm waiting for the truck. "The dogs won't come back inside! Are you on the way home yet? ...and now the cat got out!" He swears he is never letting them out again... by the time I got home he had the pups in, but cat still out. We got her in, tho'.

A little later in the day we went to my parents' house for dinner and to see their Christmas decorations. All new, since they had that fire... they did a nice job. We had a good visit. Home in late afternoon, I was trying to address the office Christmas cards. I do this every year for work - I have a nice laser printer at work, but it won't do those little envelopes for cards so I always bring them home to do. (I used to hand address them, but that's for the birds!). With 200+ left to go, my printer quit working. Arrrgghhh!! Too late to go get one, I waiting until Monday morning and ran out and bought a new printer so I could finish them.

Yesterday morning I got them finished, then worked a little bit, and ended up shopping the rest of the day. May I say except for a couple of minor stocking stuffers I'm DONE. Thank you very much...! The "one day wonder". Don't ever ask me to do this again.

Finally, last night we met up at Red Lobster with our oldest daughter, her husband and son, and our oldest son and his girlfriend. Em, of course, lives down there in the wilds of Kansas so we didn't have her, and our youngest son and girlfriend have been on a snowmobile trip to Colorado for a week (just home this morning!)... so it was a smaller than usual group. This was a birthday dinner for our oldest daughter, Manda... more on her birthday in the next post. A great time was had by all - lots of laughter and good food. Just the way I like it!

Now I'm off work for the rest of the week (unless they call me in for something they can't handle). I AM going to get my Christmas cards out... those of you who are waiting might not get them until after Christmas, but it's the thought, right? I have a whole bunch of cookies to bake for a cookie-exchange party on Thursday night, and a house to clean before everyone comes.

I just want to say once more... THANK YOU for all the birthday wishes. You guys are terrific!!