Wednesday, July 26, 2006

BEWARE the Troll

(Had a lovely photo of a troll, but can't get blogger to download it. Figures.)

That would be me. Feeling a bit down-in-the-dumps today. (You can skip the rest of this paragraph if you are a man or prefer not to hear about 'female' troubles.) That's one of the problems with having all your female bits removed in your 30's. You can't look at the calendar anymore and chalk it up to "that time" of the month. I'm sure with all the trouble I had back then with my bits, that it is possible the pieces that remain are still stirring things up, but no precise way to tell. The doctor put me on estrogen awhile back thinking I might be starting to go through "the change", but it didn't seem to make one iota of difference after being on it for two months, so I said to heck with it and quit. No sense pumping extra crap in my system if it's not doing anything.

So, here I sit. Feeling like the troll.

I talked to Hubs earlier this morning to see how much rain we got out of the evening and night-time thundershowers that rolled through. It sounded like a lot! It looked like a lot on radar every time I looked. Two tenths. Only two tenths. Further south of us they got two-to-five inches! Where we need it? Nope. Crap. He's now in a pissy mood, that doesn't help. His pissy moods tend to make my moods pissier.

My manager informs me at 11:30 today that there will be two tour busses coming to tour our plant. 80 people will be coming through to see what we do. Huh. This is a new one. So, we bust our butts cleaning the office and getting everything spiffy. Then he goes to lunch and I have to call him to come back when they arrive before he does. Luckily, the two groups took turns and waited for him to give them the tour, because as I told him if he tried to get me to be a guide I would suddenly get violently ill and have to go home. (Have I mentioned I'm anti-social?) I think they just left. Whew!

Updates: Jon got second in his heat race (good) but got 10th in the big race (he's done better) and no blowups (terrific). I guess the other drivers were hot-dogging and acting stupid, so lots of wrecks and messing up. Sometimes the "special races" where there is extra money at stake brings out the worst in them. Hubs didn't get home until late and although I tried to wait up for him, I fell asleep. When he did finally get home I didn't even remember him calling to tell me how Jon did!

Em and I went to see "The Devil Wore Prada". Eh. So-so. Kinda predictable. The only thing we couldn't get over was how much Meryl Streep's character reminded both of us of my mother-in-law. Scary. Truly.

I hope I get some sleep tonight. Maybe I'm just tired. Maybe I still need to win that lottery. I'd settle for some rain.