Friday, July 28, 2006

The Weekend Is Upon Us

Finally. This has been a long week.

For those of you keeping track, son Jon got 3rd in his race last night! Whoot! Nothing wrecked, nothing blew up. Ready for racing again tomorrow night.

It's still hot. Humid. Iowa is now officially a tropical state.

Had a fun night last night. Em picked up Thai food on the way home from work and we packed up our 'puters and went to Amanda's place to eat and play WoW. (They've got fast i-net and can handle up to four players on their network.) Hadn't played in awhile for any length of time, so it was a fun relaxing evening. Only wish it hadn't been Thursday night so we could have stayed longer...

Today I only worked half a day then proceeded to spend the rest of the afternoon running errands. Sometimes I just feel like I go around and around spinning my wheels. Is it only me?

This weekend is my goal weekend to finish my bookwork. I think I can get it done, I've made great progress toward that goal and think I'll get there. Would be nice if I got done a day early so I could actually do something fun the rest of the weekend...

A shout-out goes to a friend who is laid up and suffering from bed rest. He's been told to stay off his feet for a couple of weeks (and has already been off them for a week) and he's going stir crazy. I know he sneaks out to his computer and downloads e-mails and reads blogs... and I've heard a rumor he may be sneaking in some WoW time (bad, bad, bad) but for the most part he's being good. He has a laptop and should be able to get i-net from his bed, but is having some technical difficulty. I keep telling him he needs to get that resolved - it would go a long ways toward aleviating some of the boredom, but so far he's been procrastinating. Send good thoughts his way... he's not a blogger, just a friend out there in the ozone...

Have a good weekend and stay cool people~~