Tuesday, August 01, 2006

It's Raining!

It wasn't as bad as it seemed. I didn't really take a hatchet to my 'puter, but there are days...

  • Yesterday I just could barely face my desk, let alone blog. I tell ya, sometimes I just want to stay in bedHad a good, if short, weekend.
  • No, I didn't get my bookwork completely done. Thank you for asking. Yes, I made huge progress and should have it licked by next weekend.
  • Made giant strides in the world of home sanitation. (Didn't that sound impressive? It means I cleaned the house.) I even managed to spend several hours in my "crap" room getting some of my "crap" unpacked and put away. (This would be my crafts - of which I have several. Rubber stamping, scrapbooking sorta, crocheting, knitting, cross-stitching, painting - to name a few. Hubs has nicknamed my "crafts" as in "craft sales" to "crap sales" when we are traveling and it stuck.)We've only been living in this house now for two years... thought it was about time I got some things to the point I can actually use them! Unique concept, huh?
  • Jon raced on Saturday night ... getting second place again. Whoot! Unless he gets rained out, there will be racing tonight, also. The rain slipped in this morning and has been going pretty much all morning long but is now slipping off to the north, so I'm thinking he'll race. The gardens (and Hubs' "gardens") will be very, very happy. It's still hotter than blazes, but they're claiming it's to back off some in the next day or two. Whew! Hubs has been self-dubbed "the evil asshole". Jon wants to take his truck to pull the car trailer to the race and they can only get so many people in the truck. Jon, Hubs, DIL2B, and DIL2B's dad. Um... sorry... no room for MIL. Is she pissed? Uh... yup. Do you think she'll take a hint? Uh...nope. I know, my turns' coming - it looks like next week may be the big three-day race we'll take the RV to. *sigh* More on that later, I'm sure.
  • Also, late next week the Iowa State Fair begins. It's beginning to look like our blog and WoW buddies we were hoping could come probably won't make it. Darn. Nothin' we like better than to share our nekked chicken throwing and big butter cow. Hopefully, the cooler weather will come in by then. This heat wave is normal fair fare.
  • "Is this heaven?... No, it's Iowa." Yeah, you all have heard that one a zillion times since Kevin Costner made it a state trademark. Well, I guess he's coming back on August 11 to be part of the Netflix rolling roadshow and is bringing his band. (Who knew?) Hubs and I stopped there once on the way to a wedding but it was just a couple of years after the movie came out and at that time the neighbor had taken the outfield back and turned it back to a cornfield. No one was there when we stopped, not a soul, but there was a spiral notebook sitting on the lone wooden bleacher for us to sign. I looked through at all the signatures from places all over the world, and felt proud to put our name in there beside all the others. Is it a corny movie (bad pun)? Yes. But it's also a beautiful movie and I for one am proud it was made in Iowa.
  • I just realized my posts are starting to sound like Saturday Night Live's "Weekend Update". I gotta get a life, people! .... or.... maybe not.