Thursday, January 05, 2006

See That Useless Night Elf?

Yep. That would be me. I'm officially a 'WoW' player now... don't applaud too loudly, I didn't say I was a GOOD player...

Last night turned out to be a bust. For everyone who has ever loaded five CD's worth of game on their four-year-old computer, plus six months worth of "patches" and "updates", then figured out you must not have the right video card and/or accelerator to make it work correctly. Well, that would be me. My daughter was here from 5 to 9 last night and we got absolutely no where. She was more dissapointed than I was, Ithink! She kept calling her husband who was at home, online, playing... asking questions and trying to figure out what we might be doing wrong. Guess nothing, 'cause today when I put it on my newer laptop it worked just fine. Go figure.

I played a bit today when hardly anyone was around to watch me standing, turning, running nowhere, and getting lost a lot. I had daughter on speed dial and called several times with questions. Tonight we were online together and she was trying to help me... I think I get the jist of it, I just keep getting lost. One of these days I'll figure out how to read the map!

Patience here is the key. I think I'm going to like it, once I get over the initial frustrations of moving correctly and learning where things are at. So far, so good.

On a totally different tangent - Manda made a character so she could come down to my level and play and help me a bit. She hadn't seen my character yet so was surprised to see the ESP still holding strong - she looked just like me!!

Tomorrow I'm staying home from work to get some bookwork finalized and delivered for our tax man. We'll see if I'm strong enough to stay away from this game until my work is finished... I can see where this could get addictive!